Our Services

We provide many exciting services that will leave you with a bright, white smile on your face!

kids orthodontics fluoride treatments

Kids dentistry for diagnosis and prevention of dental issue is done by our experienced and kids friendly doctors.
The following treatments are offered:
- Dental examination
- Dental cleanings
- Fluoride treatments
- Fun coloured and regular fillings for kids preference
- Space maintainers
- Kids orthodontics

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are in practice for over 3 decades and it is till date one of the best options available for giving fixed teeth to the patients to fulfill both esthetic and functional needs.
In our practice we strive to educate our patients the necessity to have teeth and how it affects our general health.
- Basal implants
- BOI implants
- Adin implants
- Nobel biocare implants
We have specialists for every implant system used and we do full mouth Rehabilitation and Immediate loading implants.
“Teeth For All” is our motto, we use a variety of systems in our clinic so that we will be able to select the appropriate system and customize for each and every patient in our practice.


LANAP, Laser assisted gum treatment for gum problems
Flap Surgery: regular flap surgery for treatment of gum problems
Gingival Recession: Gum loss can be treated by grafting procedures
Bone loss can be treated with Bone grafting procedures.

Routine and Conservative Dentistry

Our passionate group of dental artists use world class dental filling materials to carve and craft the filling meticulously in our patient’s teeth. We give the best possible treatment for our patients by giving only Tooth coloured fillings at most affordable pricing and no mercury or black colored fillings.


Correction of dental improper positioned teeth and facial growth correction with options
- Regular Braces
- Ceramic Braces (tooth coloured)
- Invisible braces (Invisallign)
Orthodontic correction is done for all ages with appropriate system selection.

Laser dentistry has been in practice from 1994 for various dental procedures.
The use of lasers in our clinic is for specialized treatments like
- Periodontal (Gum) disease. (LANAP)
- Gum health maintenance
- Correction of excess gum shown while smiling
- Correction of Gum overgrowth correction due to systemic diseases
- Change of blackish gum colour
- Smile make over
- Correction of limited mouth opening due to extensive pan chewing, in pre cancerous stage
- To treat mouth ulcers
- Laser teeth whitening
- Laser assisted Root canal

Teeth whitening  Orthodontic smile esthetic Ceramic crowns

Esthetic correction of appearance of teeth to fulfill our patient’s needs with the use of
- Teeth whitening procedures
- Dental veneers
- Restorative techniques
- Cosmetic fillings
- Gum recontouring
- Orthodontic smile correction
- Highly esthetic Ceramic crowns
- Close to natural Zirconia crowns (say no to metal)

Do you hesitate when you smile?
Would you like to increase your self confidence?
Do you want to look your best in social and professional situations?
Being an art and a science smile makeover can help you provide cosmetic dental care along with maintenance of optimal dental health.
We offer a variety of cosmetic treatment options for you, which includes
- Composite tooth coloured fillings
- Front teeth Gap corrections without any invasive procedures
- Teeth whitening both in office and at home teeth whitening options.
- Dental Veneers: Composite or porcelain laminates to treat any cracks, improving worn out tooth surfaces, severe tooth discolourations, internal stain correction
- Dental Implants: Missing teeth for cosmetic purposes and dental health issues corrected by replacing missing teeth.

We use latest technology of surgical procedures assisted by LASERs to remove impacted tooth which done by our highly skilled oral surgeon efficiently and without any pain during and after the surgery.
Cosmetic jaw corrective procedures, chin augmentation procedures, diagnosis and treatment of various benign and malignant tumors. Temporomandibular joint disorders are also treated.

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